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Acting institute in Mumbai

The curriculum summary

In India, Join To Bollywood is one of the most well-known acting schools for freshers and aspiring actors. Acting institute in Mumbai

For both adults and young performers, we offer an extensive selection of educational workshops, seminars, and training programs. We provide training for motion pictures, television, radio, theatre, commercials, industrials, print, and variety shows.


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Course Highlights

There is a medley of unique features available in J2B programs


Characterization is the representation of persons in narrative and dramatic works.

Film & Television

Understanding the medium of film and television


An actor and his body, observation and imagination

Script Analysis

Characterization and its research, body language skills and direction training


Improvisation of actor - technicalities of short division, angles and magnification


Understanding camera and lighting Movement in a scene

Additional Info

Acting institute in Mumbai, interacting and reacting to co-actors Preparation for and Enactment of scents, Dubbing, Basics of action, Live studio visits for observation of professional actors performing their crafts Demo film, Participation in the real shoot to get the feel and hang for the subject.

The last week of the course will be devoted to practical training in facing the camera leading to a professional showreel of their work for the Film Industry. This is an excellent opportunity for students to express their talent in front of industry experts from Bollywood and other regional filmmakers of the Indian film industry.

Acting institute in Mumbai

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