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Common Questions Asked by Students

During the week, the J2B Academy is open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. A variety of lab/studio work and extended hours are required depending on the batch requirements. Following a personal interview with our team, J2BAcademy provides admission to individuals meeting the course eligibility requirements.

Students do not need previous experience to join J2B Academy.

No. J2B does not provide meals but most students carry their food or eat at local restaurants nearby.

Unfortunately, due to policies that protect the confidentiality of the school and its property, materials and equipment observation is not permitted. You can check out campus live on YouTube channel to get a preview of how the school infrastructure is.

No. You do not require any gadgets. If you are interested to purchase any such equipment for your use, we recommend you wait until your course begins and you can talk with your faculty who can advise you on the latest technologies.

Yes. J2B is the only known institute to offer lifetime placements to students who graduate from the academy. J2B keeps in touch with its alumni via social media platforms and offers all current audition opportunities so alumni can try out multiple auditions for unlimited projects for life.

J2B is well connected with over 200+ industry associations

Yes, we offer many part-time courses for students who are working or unable to attend the full-time course.

No, we do not offer night classes however we do have online classes on selected courses that students can take advantage of.

Yes, A requisite fee needs to be paid at the time of collecting prospectus and registration at any J2B enrollment center near you.

You can click on the Admission Form on the website header section. We request you to go through the terms and conditions and the admission page.

You can visit the admission page on the website for the document checklist.

Refer to the admissions page for further details on eligibility.

Yes, aimed at 8 to 17-year-olds, the ‘Young Stars in Making’, J2B Academy opens up the world of acting and dancing to young people.

The minimum age limit is 18years and there is no maximum age limit.

Refer to the admission page on the website for step-by-step details of selection.

We have expert professionals from industry backgrounds who coach and guide students at our academy. You can check out the list of the faculty under the ‘About us’ page on the website.

You will have admission to High-Definition cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. Along with other tools and VFX gadgets, computers, etc as per your course layout. We will provide all essential equipment resources to prepare you for the industry.

All students must collaborate and work together throughout the program. We encourage teamwork and peer review as feedback is key to your growth as an artist.

Unquestionably. For your final project, you get to work on live reels and can be used as your portfolio when you apply within the industry.

Yes, J2B certification is valid and recognized globally and is also preferred by all branded giant productions houses, studios, & entertainment and media sectors.

Refer to the ‘Course’ page on the website for selected program details.

J2B is the only known institute to provide lifetime mentorship for all your multiple projects.

Yes, as per current government regulations all students need to be fully Covid-19 vaccinated to attend courses at J2B. This rule does not apply to Young Star programs and only applies to adults.

Yes, we offer students installment break ups or full payment option. This will be explained by the counselor along with the program payment structure at the time of enrollment.

Send us an email: jointobollywood@gmail.com or you can call us directly at +91 99877 39260

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