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Dance Classes in Mumbai

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Dance Classes in Mumbai

We are J2B Dance Classes in Mumbai

Dance Classes in Mumbai are an expression of emotions through body movement. But there’s more to dance, and that’s Performance – choreographed just for the stage.

– Customized dances especially choreographed for Films, schools, colleges, stage shows, corporate events & Television Shows. Join Aerobics, Pilatus & Zumba for the health & beauty conscious. Customized & Flexible batches on Weekdays/Weekends for Professionals.



Dance Classes in Mumbai

Course Highlights​

There is a medley of unique features available in J2B programs

Traditional Dances

Western, Latin & Indian Traditional Dances along with Aerobics,


Bollywood style dance


Salsa is a latin dance, associated with the music genre of the same name

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance is a range of street dance


Merengue is a style of Dominican dance


Hindi dance a wide range of songs

Additional Info

Foxtrot, Contemporary, Locking & Popping, B-Boeing, Disco Dandia, Garba & Folk, 100% Placement Assistance and internship option available.

Dance Classes in Mumbai

Dance Classes in Mumbai

Upgrade Your Dance Moves By Enrolling Yourself In Dance Classes in Mira Mumbai (J2B Academy)


As time has passed, dancing has gained aesthetic and symbolic significance. It began 6,000 years ago. All age groups enjoy dancing, which is considered an art form. It is also pursued as a hobby by a lot of people and is considered a great form of exercise. Whether you’ve merely considered dancing as a hobby or profession, or you’ve already done some practice, it’s recommended to start with beginner dance classes in Mira Road East. 

Dance is like learning any new skill; you need to learn to keep up with the rhythm. Additionally, you need to determine which dance style you are interested in, as there are a variety of dance styles to choose from. Based on your interest, you need to enrol in a class to learn the fundamentals, and receive feedback on your progress. All of this can be handled by a skilled dance teacher! You can easily find top dance classes by searching ‘best dance classes near me’

Choosing A Dance Style

When searching for dance classes near to me and deciding on a dance style, consider the following:

  • Do I want to dance to get into shape?

  • Is it my intention to develop my flexibility and coordination?

  • Do I prefer quick or slow dancing?

  • Do I want to dance with someone or alone?

  • Do I want to take group classes or private lessons?

  • Will I love competing, or will I just want to dance for fun?

Most Popular Dance Styles



In the mid-twentieth century, contemporary dance emerged as one of the most popular and technically demanding forms of dance. Contemporary dance has evolved to integrate many elements of a broad range of dance genres, drawing on classical, modern, and jazz dance styles. 

During a performance, it is often characterized by unpredictable rhythms and changes in speed, as well as strong torsos and legs, contracting and releasing, falling and recovering, and floor work. To protect their feet, legs, and ankles from quick movements and changes in rhythm, contemporary dancers require a shock-absorbing surface.

#Hip Hop Dance

Hip hop dance styles are among the most popular types of dance fitness programmes. It’s difficult to find a dancing style that gives you as excellent of a workout as this one. Hip-hop is another popular dance form among kids. It’s an excellent opportunity for children to learn the fundamentals of dancing while still having fun. 

Each one-of-a-kind dance communicates its own tale in an explosive, supercharged manner. After learning the fundamentals of hip-hop, it will be easy to progress to breakdancing, a freestyle type of hip-hop that is much more enjoyable to master. You can search for hip-hop dance classes near me to find the best class options.

#Pole Dance

Pole dancing has grown in popularity as a form of fitness. It demands muscle endurance, coordination, and upper- and lower-body strength to dance with a vertical pole.


A pair dance with elements from the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa, salsa emphasises rhythms and sensuality. Search ‘salsa dance classes near me’ to get the top best options.

#Theatrical Dance

Theatrical dance is a fantastic technique to channel physical energy and develop natural storytelling abilities. It’s one of the greatest styles of dance for people who thrive on constant sensory stimulation; props, costumes, music, and backgrounds all play a role in a dramatic dance performance.

#Latin Dance Styles

In the nineteenth century, these popular club and ballroom dances swept throughout Europe and became highly popular; they are now engrained in cultural traditions all over the world. They include classic Latin ballroom forms like samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha, jive, and paso doble and more social Latin dances like tango, mambo, salsa, and reggaeton.


An all-around workout that combines cardio, muscle training, balance, and flexibility, as well as enhanced energy and a serious dose of great every time you leave class. You can search for Zumba dance classes near me to find the best options near you.

Health Benefits Of Taking Dance Classes

Dancing is certainly enjoyable and entertaining, but did you know it also has several health benefits? Constant movement is beneficial not only to your physical health but also to your mental health! We have strong reasons why you should continue dancing by attending dance classes:

#Improved Brain Health

According to recent research, dancing can improve your memory and perhaps delay the beginning of dementia. Some research has discovered that aerobic dance activities can prevent volume loss in the area of the brain that governs memory (the hippocampus), which shrinks in late adulthood.

Taking the time to recall steps and changing motions of dance is also a terrific way to engage your brain. Scientists have shown that cognitive functions such as planning and organising improve with activities such as dance.

#Increased Flexibility

Dance moves can help to develop flexibility and decrease stiffness. But don’t overdo it; even modest stretches associated with dancing might help relieve joint pain and other symptoms.

#Reduced Stress

A study published discovered that partner dance to music helped decrease stress. Other studies have found similar results, with some indicating that dance can enhance serotonin levels, which can improve your mood.

#Decreased Depression

A study on the impact of dance on individuals suffering from depression discovered that those who participated in an enthusiastic group dance had the fewest symptoms of depression and were more energetic and upbeat as a result.

#Improved Coordination, Strength, and Balance

Dancing necessitates a lot of quick movement and strong posture, which can help you develop control of your body. Furthermore, there are three basic planes of motion; unlike simple exercises like walking and cycling, which only include your body’s sagittal plane. Dancing works your body from all planes, which means all of your muscles are involved, not just some.

#Cardiovascular Health Improvement

Of course, the quicker you dance, the faster your heart beats, leading to a stronger and healthier heart. An Italian study discovered that persons with heart failure who began waltzing had significantly improved heart health, breathing, and quality of life than those who simply cycled or walked on a treadmill.

#Manage Chronic Health Problems

Many types of dancing, such as ballroom, are suitable for persons who have limited mobility or chronic health problems. If you are concerned about the severity of a class, consult your doctor and the teacher before enrolling. They can assist you with any changes that are required.

#Helps in Socialization

While you may prefer to show off your moves when no one is looking, there’s something special about dancing with others. Whether you take ballroom or belly dance classes, dance with friends, or shake it with your children or grandchildren, being around other people while dancing is beneficial to your social and mental health.

#Improves your mood

Movement and dance are highly expressive, allowing you to escape and let loose. This ‘letting go’ improves your mental and emotional health by reducing stress, alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms, and increasing self-esteem.

#Better Social and Emotional Health

A dance lesson is a terrific opportunity to meet new people and socialise! Positive connections can improve feelings of happiness, lower stress, and even lead to a healthier immune system, all of which contribute to greater mental health.

Tips For Dancing Well

When it comes to dancing tips, the experts agree that having fun is the most important thing. Other suggestions are as follows:

  • Let go of your anxiety and fear

The first step to good dancing is to let go of insecurity and fear. This holds true regardless of your skill level. Dancing, whether in front of a mirror, in a class, or in the middle of a nightclub dance floor, needs you to silence that voice in your head that says you can’t do it or that people are evaluating you.

  • Begin with a solid foundation

Ballet training is recommended for everyone, even if you desire to focus on a different dance type. That’s because ballet will teach you good body alignment and how to use your core. As a result, no matter what movement you make, you’ll be able to find your balance.

  • Practice outside of class

While taking dancing classes is essential, you should also practise on your own to reinforce the material and ensure your body develops the necessary muscle memory. This is when having a mirror at home is useful!

· Before style, master the rhythm and timing.

Many individuals immediately focus on the enjoyable ‘styling’ aspect. However, if you’re taking a class to learn a specific type of dance, you should first master the basic timing and beat before adding your arms, personality, and flavour on top.

  • Position yourself correctly in class.

You can accomplish this by moving closer to the centre of the classroom rather than the corner. This is especially beneficial for beginners because you can see the instructor well and the instructor can see you and aid you with any modifications.

Qualities Of A Good Dance Studio

  • Professional Setting

A professional dancing studio will be entirely focused on your child’s continuous improvement in dance. Many dance studios are for profit, with an emphasis on fun and recreation. Choose reputable western dance classes near me with serious instructors if you want your child to master good techniques and receive quality coaching.

  • Qualified Teachers

Dance instructors are not all the same. Your expertise as a dancer is dependent on the dancing instructor. Check your instructor’s credentials and make sure they are easily accessible.

  • Cushioned Dance Floor

J2B, in particular, with its many leaps and hops, can put a strain on youthful bones and joints. Choose a professional floor that can withstand the impact of leaping.

  • Pleasant surroundings

The general atmosphere of a dance studio is critical to your child’s success. The dance studio, as well as the staff, should be welcoming and comfortable. The studio should be spotless and well-kept. The dance studio should be large, with mirrors on one entire wall. A drinking fountain and bathrooms should be available for free.

  • Tuition and fees are reasonable

You should be able to see the fee structure as well as the cost of clothes and recital fees. Inquire about recital ticket prices and other fees related to the yearly dance recital.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there distinct age groups in dance classes in Mumbai (J2B)?

Yes! we accept students of all ages, while others separate adults/teens from youngsters.

2. Are there competitions and events in dance classes?

Yes! Some time our dance classes in Mumbai hold tournaments to put our students’ skills to the test.

3. Is it necessary to be a competent dancer to enrol in dance classes?

Zumba workout sessions do not require any prior dance training or experience.

Dance Classes in Mumbai

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